I was thrilled to design a website for photographer Erin Wallis. Her sensibility as a photographer and her creative enthusiasm made working together an absolute pleasure. The website highlights her wedding and family portfolios, editorials, a custom press page and features an integrated blog for Erin to share stories about her family and her creative process.

"My vision for my website update had been evolving over the years.  I knew I wanted simplicity. I knew I wanted it to echo the sentiment  “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” however, who could I trust to take all of my wild ideas and thousands of thoughts and compile them in a way that the necessary would speak?  I found Tara and the rest fell seamlessly in place.  She is so patient, kind and receptive to all of my ideas and then was able to elegantly put it all together into a website that I had dreamed of for years. I highly recommend Tara for her vision and her execution of the simplicity that I so desperately craved.   Thank you Tara for your vision, your artistry and for absolutely nailing my website.  You are a dream."

Client:  Erin Wallis Photography
Project Details:  Art direction, graphic and web design, editorial layouts and content editing.

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