Hazel Loewen Counselling

I was delighted to design a website for Hazel Loewen, a local counsellor and truly amazing woman. The website highlights her background, services and offers her clients both resources and insight into the counselling process.

I am so grateful to Tara for helping me set up a website that is beautiful, professional and reflects what my practice is about.  I had a lot of trepidation when approaching this project.  But Tara walked me through it with patience, encouragement and creative energy that I, myself, sometimes did not have.  She is open to ideas but also grounded in her own artistic vision; she is organized and reliable but also spontaneous and flexible.  I especially like that Tara is capable of collaboration and consultation – respecting my ideas and sharing her own expertise to make the project a success.

Client:  Hazel Loewen Counselling
Project Details:  Art direction, graphic and web design, editorial layouts and content writing.
Website:  hazelloewencounselling.ca

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