My desire for the creative life has led me to the streets of Paris, the boroughs of New York, the galleries of Berlin and always to the shores of the West Coast. I am inspired by living a simple life, rich in culture. I am drawn to cities where dogs sleep below cafe tables, where books and art grace the walls of homes and where the world slows down for a meal shared with friends.

I've made my home on beautiful Vancouver Island. My studio and home, a hundred-year-old character house, acts as the canvas for every photograph, recipe and dinner party. 

I invite you to read my blog, view my portfolio and please get in touch if you're interested in working together.

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A Quiet Weekend

As this summer approached, I thought that there was no way it could be as busy as the last. This time last year I was running my gallery project, curating new exhibitions for the fall and freelancing all while trying to train and keep an eye on my new pup Zadie. Well, I was definitely wrong. I am, by nature, a person who likes to be busy. Always taking on more projects, planning trips and trying to do as much as I can in a day and this summer has been full of busy days.

This past weekend I decided to spend it quietly at home. It was amazing. I worked on my quilt, watched Zadie swim in the ocean, made homemade pesto, read through the new edition of Anthology and even tried one of the recipes included in an article for 'Coq Au Vin'.

Sometimes my most inspiring days are spent at home, working away quietly on simple projects.


The Nouveau Peasants

Summer on Vancouver Island