My desire for the creative life has led me to the streets of Paris, the boroughs of New York, the galleries of Berlin and always to the shores of the West Coast. I am inspired by living a simple life, rich in culture. I am drawn to cities where dogs sleep below cafe tables, where books and art grace the walls of homes and where the world slows down for a meal shared with friends.

I've made my home on beautiful Vancouver Island. My studio and home, a hundred-year-old character house, acts as the canvas for every photograph, recipe and dinner party. 

I invite you to read my blog, view my portfolio and please get in touch if you're interested in working together.

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Creative Q&A: Gillian Stevens

Name, Location, Occupation
Gillian Stevens
Vancouver, BC
Lifestyle Photographer

Please describe your workspace:
Most of the time I work from home, which is in an older apartment close to the beach. It’s quite charming, with lots of natural light. Lately I have been setting up my laptop in the kitchen. We have a large table, a repurposed drafting desk that fits nicely into the corner of the room. I love being able to spread my work over a large surface – plus it has a nice view of the lane beside our apartment (It gets a lot of funny activity throughout the day which makes for good people watching!).

What are you working on right now?
I’ve just begun my wedding season for this year, so I’ve been steadily working on photos from those days as well as lots of portrait sessions in between. I am also working on a rebrand right now which I am really excited about.

What has been your most rewarding project to date? 
Last year a good friend and I ran a blog called Part & Parcel. It was a little bit of everything and I loved being part of something so collaborative and inspiring. We connected with some incredibly talented local shop owners, artisans, artists and creative individuals and I grew a new appreciation for the city I live in. I think the reason I am so fond of that time in my life is because I was just coming into my own as a photographer – figuring out what I liked and developing my skills. I grew a lot as an artist.

Who are you inspired by?
My current inspirations are my husband Mark Stevens, shop owners Leighann Boquist, Janaki Larsen, Jacquelyn & Sarah Klassen, designers Steven Alan and Ace & Jig, as well as C.S. Lewis and Wes Anderson.

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Has there been a defining moment or turning point when you realized what you wanted to do for a living?
I have loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I started working as a photographer about two years ago but I don’t think it was until this past January that I knew for certain that it was something I wanted to pursue whole-heartedly. I was just about to start my final semester of university and feeling the anxiety that comes along with graduation, and after a lot of reflection it was quite clear that I needed to take my own business further. After making that decision, I haven’t looked back once.

What do you think is the most difficult aspect of your work?
At times I can be my own worst critic. I tend to look ahead and think of all the things I can improve on instead of taking one day at a time and being proud of what I’ve created. I’m slowly learning to appreciate the process.What are you reading at the moment?
A lot of travel guides, blogs, and lonely planet in preparation for a trip to Europe this fall! My husband and I are spending a few weeks in England and France, and it’s been really fun bookmarking all the things we want to do and see!

What websites do you visit for inspiration?
I actually read a lot of food blogs. I get inspired to try different recipes and I love experimenting in the kitchen. And of course, Pinterest.


What are your simplest daily pleasures?
Lately my husband and I have been waking up for an early morning run by the ocean. It’s so quiet and beautiful, and the view takes my breath away the whole time. We get home early enough to enjoy a nice breakfast and coffee together before work, it’s been such a treat.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Hopefully with a few kids, enjoying life as a family and doing something that I love that lets me use my creativity daily.

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