Little Gold

There is nothing more rewarding than working with clients who completely trust your creative process. Guiding Stephanie and Jeff Shannon on the re-brand of their Victoria-based jewelry shop 'Little Gold' was such a gratifying project. From the custom typography to the design and collaboration with Christen Lalonde on the handcrafted wooden sign,  'Little Gold' represents everything Tara Hurst Design is about.

Steph and I could not be happier with the logo and branding package Tara designed for Little Gold. Even though we were not able to vocalize exactly what we were looking for - Tara took the lead and created an identity for our shop that truly communicates everything we wanted to say.

We’re absolutely thrilled with our new look and we look forward to the next opportunity we have to work together - thanks Tara!

Client:  Little Gold
Project Details:  Art direction, typography and logo design.

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