Pamela Lewis

Pamela Lewis' creative openness and warm presence made working together on her new branding an absolute pleasure. In our initial client meeting Pamela presented a 'show and tell' of keepsakes, telling a visual story of her life and personal style. A beautiful silk scarf from India, a small brass elephant, a bottle of her favourite perfume and black and white photographs of her grandparents. With the inspiration from her 'show and tell' I created imagery that both reflected her personal story as well as her intention with her business.

I really enjoyed working with Tara. She was able to understand my vision and create a wonderful logo that encompassed the depth and emotion behind what I wanted to convey in my business.

I work with older people fleshing out their memories in order to create a written legacy of their lives and also a vision of what they want to take into their later years - the transparency of the watercolour and the symbol of the elephant, an animal known for family and memory encapsulate the heart of my business. I look forward to working with Tara again in the future. Thank you!

Client:  Pamela Lewis
Project Details:  Branding and logo design.

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