Art Direction

Branding & Identity

UX/UI Design

Vision is everything. As an art director my focus has always been to tell a story. Whether you're in search of the perfect photography for your website, colour palette or editorial layout, I consider my greatest strength the ability to work with clients to achieve their vision and the telling of their story.

There is nothing more creative to me than working with a company to develop their brand. From logo to type design, I am passionate about developing the visual identity of your business.

I believe in building websites that are informed by user research. Websites that showcase elegant graphics, utilize professional photography and highlight articulate content. I pride myself in designing user-friendly sites and teaching clients how to use their website as both a marketing tool and an exciting ongoing project.


Photography & Styling



Light, composition, the perfect objects in a photograph.
Capturing custom imagery for your business is an essential part of telling your story. We work to carefully curate images that will convey the heart of your business while providing rich content that draws viewers in.  

Creating engaging content is incredibly important.
Web content needs to be clear, concise and informative. Whether you're struggling with a personal biography for your website or articulating the services you provide, our content team is here to help.

I love print design. I love the history of the letterpress, the weight of a hardcover art book and the permanence of beautiful paper. From book design to letterhead, this tactile element of design is a favourite.